About ClimbingBox

Climbing is an amazing sport and a good reason to get into the outdoors. But why stop when the arms are tired and the fingers are sore. We here at Climbingbox enjoy sitting next to the rock talking about climbing and enjoy dreaming about the big wall just as much as we like to pull hard. We love our vans and our favorite material to turn them into our cozy homes is plywood. We like our spaces to be small but multifunctional so we can store all of our gear. When we wake up in the morning to crisp mountain air, blue skies or snow covered windows huddled in our sleeping bags we feel like we live in a box. We love it! And when we are looking back at our childhood we all wished we had had a box in our rooms where we could sit and sleep and dream of things to come. That’s why we build the Climbingbox. It’s a place for your childrens dreams to come true.  

The Climbingbox is stand alone climbing home wall climbing wall, a bunk bed and a tiny office space for children to do their homework. It sleeps two. (Keep Grandma on the lower level!) It’s a room in a room and a walking closet all at once. It offers storage space all around. It features a removable table, a folding chair, bookshelves, closet rods and a high bed, Plenty of space for all of your child’s gear: surfboards, skis, wet-suits, cloths, skateboards, mountain-bikes and backpacks. It could truly be the only piece of furniture your child will ever need. The Climbingbox is made from high quality finished birch plywood and redwood. Its clean and aesthetic lines will make it a showpiece in any contemporary and traditional home.

The Climbingbox is no gimmick. At 45 degrees it’s a serious climbing training tool. With 500-1000 preinstalled T-Nuts into the wall panels many boulder problems can be created and climbing them will keep your children engaged during long rainy winter days, in between climbing trips and allow for extra climbing mileage in between gym session.  Neighbors and friends will be knocking at your door. We promise! Parents can play on it too!  Our larger Crusher and Pro models are specially designed for adult climbers and junior athletes. Our signature 24” roof section was designed to mount additional hang-boards, pull up bars, rock rings, rock-balls and other suspended grips.

Building routes is mentally as challenging as climbing them. It’s like playing with “Legos” on steroids. Children not only learn how to build objects in three-dimensional space but also learn to envision how to move along them in space. It’s like building a tree and then climbing it. Put a lantern into the Climbingbox and it becomes a “tent” for sleepovers. Also tests have shown that children who are physically stimulated by complex three-dimensional spaces and environments develop faster enhanced problem solving skills.

T-Nut holes are designed in a grid format and are numbered. Routes that are created can easily be shared with other Climbingbox climbers around the world via our route simulator online platform. Your children will be geniuses in no time and not only in the vertical world.

Built at ideal ratios and at 82”- 108” heights the Climbingbox is designed to fit into most bedrooms and indoor living spaces. The 45-degree wall angle is the most versatile and allows simulating many difficult outdoor boulder problems. Serious climbers and professional athletes consider it to be the best all around wall angle for home climbing walls.