Learn More About the Climbingbox

Whether you are a beginner climber, father, mother or a professional climber; if
you’re a looking for a compact stand alone home climbing wall that is designed to
challenge all ages the Climbingbox is for you. Our three models provide for a
vast number of boulder problem settings and climbing area for traverses. Built
from vertical to 50 degree wall angles with runs up to 138“ and four different
angled walls (one inside, three outside) the Climbingbox has many options to
mount holds and is ideal for complex route setting. Our large selection of
climbing holds makes it possible to simulate a variety of steep outdoor boulder
problems. All of our Climbingbox models have our signature 24” roof that allows
for the mounting of additional hang-boards, pull up bars, rock rings, rock-balls
and other suspended grips. Whether your child belongs to a climbing-gym, you
want to promote a more active lifestyle or you simply would like to have a fully
functional home climbing-wall the Climbingbox is for you. An all in one climbing
set, home climbing wall, and functional piece of furniture.

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